About Us

If a natural disaster or emergency were to hit your area, would you be ready? A better question is, would your staff be ready? You never know when a natural disaster or an emergency will hit your area. It just happens. Dealing with the situation, however, doesn’t just happen. It takes training. It takes planning. It takes understanding and trusting each person’s role.

The Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HECS) was created in the late 1980s as a way for all registered U.S. hospitals to prepare for and respond to various types of disasters. It was created as a system for use in both emergency and non-emergency situations, such as moving the facility, dispensing medications to hospital staff, or planning for a large hospital or community event.

At AMMI, we have decades of experience working in a hospital. Unless someone has worked at a hospital, he wouldn’t understand the unique challenges that you face on a daily basis. We also understand hospital budgets. We can recommend multi-use purchases that not only fulfill HECS mandates, but also work with the specific needs of your facility.

How prepared are you? Do you have an action plan in place? Is your staff adequately trained? AMMI can help you be ready. If you have questions on how to get started, please contact:

Steve Matles 775.997.4565 or
Jim Miller     775.813.8613